Sunday, December 31, 2017

Red Anthurium

I never knew the name of this plant. And I will soon forget it. Not good with scientific Latin names, despite three years of Latin in secondary school (all I remember is translating Cesar - not my idea of fun!). But it provided a forgiving subject for a line drawing. I love watercolours so much that I had nearly forgotten how beautiful a simple line is. With a little dash of colour to liven it up!

The reason I bought this plant is that I knew it was sturdy and required little attention. I just couldn't face another half a year where I'm keeping a Christmas rose going till the bitter end. They always end up in the bin, despite my tender loving care. And I have an Amaryllis bulb in the dark in the downstairs loo waiting to be brought out to the light, but I missed the Christmas deadline! So a red anthurium it is. It's grown plenty since I got it already.

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