Sunday, February 12, 2017

Venice Photos

Where to start? The light? The reflections? The blue green colour of the water in the canals (PG50 should do the trick, I think)? The architecture? The art? The food?

All stunning! For once, I'm speechless. Except I want to paint them all. Enjoy the photos.

Basilica San Marco - My favourite

The Doges' Palace - Imposing

Bridge of Sighs - I didn't know it was a bridge to bring convicts to the prison, where they most likely would die of the cold, if not by drowning if they were unlucky enough to be in the lower cells

Canals everywhere. Water reflections everywhere.

Santa Maria della Salute, Dorsoduro. Beautiful at sunset.

More canals. Light and Dark. A painter's dream. Unless you're a watercolourist.

San Giorgio Maggiore. A five minute boat trip. Fantastic views of San Marco and Dorsoduro from across the lagoon.

Domes, Statues. So much to sketch.

View from the San Giorgio Maggiore Campanile. Shimmering.

I like the composition of this one better

More canals. More reflections.

Light and Dark.

Didn't take a gondola tour. But they are beautiful.

Santa Maria della Salute, again.


  1. Fantastic shimmering pics!! And my God! The food...I didn't dine like that in Venice! Where did I go wrong? C

    1. Cathy, I was lucky to have a special researcher at home looking at TripAdvisor for me! And a friend who carried her Guide du Routard with her everywhere!!