Thursday, February 16, 2017

Map of Venice

While reading about Venice, I came across this map from 1500, by Jacopo de Barbari! What is amazing about this map is that it records in detail every canal, every street, every palace, with great accuracy. And what's even more amazing is that Venice has not changed much since.

For me, this map is the perfect explanation of why I got lost so many times through this most beautiful city. You think you're going North, and then you hit a canal without a bridge, and you have to take a turn, and then, you have no idea which direction you're facing. You know the Grand Canal was behind you when you started off. But by now, the Grand Canal has twisted 180 degrees, and all of a sudden, it's right in front of you. How is that even possible? And it's getting dark, so there is even less hope of finding your way back to your hotel... Well, that's when your iPhone Maps comes in handy. How did anyone ever manage before the iPhone? But the trick is to only use your tricorder, sorry, your iPhone, when you absolutely need it. Otherwise, you'll miss all the beauty around you, and you might even end up walking into a canal!

Jacopo de Barbari's map of Venice

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