Friday, February 24, 2017

Flying back from Inis Oírr

Loved the Aer Aran service from Inverin (just beyond Spiddal) to Inis Oírr. €49 return, free car park in Inverin. Very professional service. 8-9-seater planes. And if you love flying, this is such a treat!! A short (7 minutes) but beautiful flight. And on the way back, you might even land on Inis Meáin to pick up a few extra passengers.

And if you're even luckier, your pilot will be notified just after takeoff from Inis Oírr that they have a late arrival at the airport and you'll have to go back to pick them up, offering you the best view of the island, with the Plassey wreck and the lighthouse as bonuses!

And then,  you might fly into a shower!

What an exciting half hour it was!

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