Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Venice Food 2

Completist that I am, I have to show you the rest of our food photos from Venice. Some of them are a little dark as one of the restaurants had more of a romantic, candle-lit, theme going.

Ciabatta at Bar da Gino in Dorsoduro. We didn't feel up to a big meal that evening. But we found that portions were more than generous in this lovely little place, which is open from 6 am to midnight, so you can start with coffee and a croissant, have lunch, say a ciabatta, a hot chocolate in the afternoon, then an early evening glass of wine before you have your pizza for dinner!

The rest of the photos are all from a restaurant called La Calcina. It's also a hotel. And most of the patrons appeared to be French. None of the pictures below do justice to the food, which was absolutely gorgeous. A combination of low light and hunger meant that by the time we'd remember to take a photo, we had already taken a bite or two of our food! In the summer, they have a big terrace on the Guidecca canal, La Piscina - a lovely cool spot on a hot summer's day, I'd imagine. In the winter, the dining room was cosy and the service impeccable!

Porcini soup with croutons

Venician liver and onion, with polenta on top

Osso buco (half eaten) 

Spaghetti vongole

Milanese veal

Fritto Misto

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