Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Travel Sketches

So much beauty around me, and yet, I was more inspired to draw in airports and planes. Maybe it's just that it was warmer? Or that there was so much to see, so much to do, that I simply ran out of time while in Venice. Airports, on the other hand, always seem to offer so much free time after you've cleared security! Some of these travel sketches are more elaborate than others - just a reflection on the amount of time I had to do them! A great way to pass the hours. I will never be bored in an airport ever again!

The chimneys were not in the same frame as the lady. I was initially drawing the chimneys while flying over Wales, but they soon disappeared from view, before I completed the landscape around them. So I simply moved to drawing the lady across the aisle. Someone commented to me that they are probably the chimneys at Sellafield. Interesting!
Although I wasn't in an airport, this qualifies as a travel sketch too, I think, as I drew and painted this at my friend Françoise's house, as I was flying via Belgium and spent a night there.

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