Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Project 1 - Second attempt

I used good paper this time, but it didn't help much, as it was a new paper for me (Hahnemühle Veneto) and it didn't behave like I had expected. It is quite a heavy paper (325 g/m2) and I had expected it would be able to take quite a pummelling, but I found that it was actually quite a delicate paper - it tore when I tried to remove the masking fluid and masking tape.

On the other hand, paint lifted beautifully from it - the reeds in front of the trunk for instance were lifted with a magic eraser and the paper was not damaged at all.

I'm still not happy with the chunky feel of the paint - I am using Daniel Smith's Green Apatite Genuine Ultramarine, Quinacridone Gold and Phthalo blue. And some granulation is to be expected with those colours of course, but I "patted the cat", which is never good with watercolours. We'll have to have another go, third time lucky?

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