Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hope 1 & 2

When I started this series, I got into my stride. 

I had painted a few beautiful Planets last year. But after a failed batch earlier this summer (which I will not share with the world, you'll be happy to know - oops, I just realise I DID post some of these!), I was anxious about tackling another Planet series. Was I doomed to repeating the same mistakes over and over? How had I managed to create such beauties a year ago, but could only produce mud this year? Was I completely talentless? Was there any point in even trying?

But once I decided on a good colour scheme, and had a little pep talk with myself, there was no stopping me. 

Some are more three-dimensional than others, but by and large, I painted fairly thin layers of colour, careful to register the print before applying other layers. 

So, if there is hope for me, there is Hope for the World!

(They're about 20 cm in diameter)

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