Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Airfield sunflowers

I'm currently flip-flopping between feelings of inadequacy and feelings of elation. In other words, there are good days and bad days. Nothing wrong with my mood or my health! It's just about the painting. Some days, I feel like I will never be able to paint a good watercolour again, let alone sell it. Other days, I am happy that I am accumulating enough material in my sketchbooks (and camera) to last me a lifetime!

Go figure!

I painted this little watercolour sketch in Airfield last week. The weather was glorious when I set out, but it soon turned cooler and slightly overcast, so I didn't stay too long. But I managed a couple of sketches before I left.

Not the best composition, but I can work on that and pull it together for a proper painting.

So much to do! I can see why artists specialise in one type of painting - flowers, landscapes, people, sea, still life. My problem is that I want to do it all! So what? If that's what I want to do, why not? Even if I never sell another painting - the point of it is that I paint for my own enjoyment. If what I enjoy turns out to be good enough to sell, so be it, but thinking about selling is actually counterproductive for my confidence! These thoughts have been battling through my mind for the whole summer. Now that summer is  - nearly - over (I'm not wishing it away, I swear!), maybe I'll get back into a better routine. (End of pep talk to myself)

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