Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Airfield pond

My second sketch from the day - the pond. Which has matured nicely since it was created a few years  ago. Now you wouldn't know that that pond was actually excavated from the ground - it used to be the pigs' area, all mucky and happy!

The only thing I don't like about the pond is the banister that runs around the viewing bridge - it blocks the view and it looks, well, agricultural. But I left it out of my drawing.

Another item I left out were the ducks - two ducks appeared out of nowhere, bickered for a bit, then flew off in a flash. All too quick for me to capture them and incorporate them in the sketch. Which looks a bit empty. So I might go back and see if I can sketch the ducks and add them to  a painting. Alternatively, I could just go to St Stephen's Green and sketch the ducks there. The entrance fee to Airfield is €10, which is a bit steep just for two ducks, don't you think?

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