Sunday, August 14, 2016


It's a few weeks since I was at a Dublin Sketchers outing - 24 July was at the Irish Museum of Modern Art - IMMA.

It was a lovely day, with one very heavy shower that forced me to retreat from the gardens. But I managed to stay dry, and so did my watercolour paper - one of the difficulties of urban sketching in Ireland! But then again, if Shari Blaukopf can draw in Montreal in the winter, I should be able to draw in Ireland any day of the year! But I do envy Liz Steel, who lives in Sydney!

Rather than draw the beautiful building of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham that the museum is housed in, I decided to draw some modern blocks in the middle distance. Far less intimidating!

I measured the angles and spaces the best I could to draw in pencil first, then I used my Japanese watercolours to give a sense of the light in the windows.

I also drew a couple of sketches of people walking by, which is something I enjoy a lot.

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