Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kissho gansai

So excited! I got a present of a Kissho watercolour set, all the way from Japan. Of course, I had to test it straight away and the pigments are so vibrant! I also tried a few light mixes, with lots of water, and the resulting colours are beautiful.  It's set in a plastic travel palette, very streamlined, perfect for slipping in the handbag! Some of the colours are very different from what you'd traditionally find in a western palette (the pale blue for instance is quite unusual) so I'm looking forward to exploring Japanese colours.
Like all paints, it will take a little while to figure out what mixes work best, but I love the reds a lot, and also the beautiful cobalt teal (right-most, second from the top, under the bright red. And I will have to memorise all the colour names in Japanese too

Here is the first painting I've tried with it - I love the colours so much already (more about that one-legged sheep in a little while)!

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