Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Gap of Dunloe

Every year I bring too many art supplies with me on holidays. But this time, I actually used them. OK, not everything. But I've nearly finished a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook that I'd only started in January. It's about 20x13cm in size, so easily transportable. And you can paint across the middle line for big landscapes. Of which there are many in Kerry. 

The main trick is to have a stable surface to hold it (don't try to use it standing up, as your wrists will not like it), generally my knees. And bring bulldog clips with you, or you'll end up with pages flapping in the wind and smudges everywhere.

This view was again from our hotel room in The Dunloe - big balcony with seats, ideal for painting. I struggled with the colours - each time I looked up, the sun was getting lower, and the mountains darker. Will definitely explore this view in another watercolour painting!

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