Saturday, June 11, 2016

Big Brother

I have found that the best way to draw the nose is ... not to draw it at all. I might change that as the days go by, but for now, I feel that's the best I can do to keep up with the constant movement. The idea of drawing what's on the telly is not something new. I picked it up from Roz Stendahl, who is a pro at drawing faces quickly and beautifully. I can't do both, but I'll be learning from the experience every day. Another thing I learned from Roz Stendahl is that when drawing animals, they move constantly, but they always come back to the same pose. The same applies to people. On television at least!

As for Big Brother, it's same old same old.  Bitchiness, plot twists, hidden house, false evictions, wannabes, bad language, back stabbing, and false romances (because it's well known you get more Hello magazine covers as a couple than on your own). The first pair, Marco and Laura, is moving fast. Car crash!

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