Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Big Brother - more crazy action from the House

These guys are behaving like crazies. They're only a week in or so and the sexual antics are way over the top.

I'm trying to draw everybody, but some people get a lot more airtime than others. If you're going to show your tits to the world, of course Big Brother is going to broadcast it (Laura and Evelyn).

Alex doesn't say much, but his body is so good that you want to say "you say it best when you say nothing at all".

Jayne isn't saying much. Clever: hinting that there is a backstory but not giving anything away.

Georgina is getting so frustrated by it all that she is losing her cool.

And Andrew is settling into his game.

Marco is just toxic. Get him out!


  1. You almost make me want to watch it!!!

    1. Don't! I'd never forgive myself!!