Sunday, June 12, 2016

Irish Architectural Archive - 45 Merrion Square

Lovely outing with Dublin Sketchers today at the Irish Architectural Archive at 45 Merrion Square, who opened their doors for us today. A wonderful location.

The subject I picked for my drawing wasn't even in the building, I have to admit, but it was a lovely feeling to be in one of these beautiful Georgian rooms, with other sketchers, and all was quiet. Until I saw a baby seagull on a nearby roof, with his parents who had brought food (it looked like a bone of some sort) to him, and I called out to everyone to have a look.

When I was done with my drawing (yes, plenty more bricks to draw, but after seeing the cute little chick, I wasn't focussed any more), I took a little stroll around the various rooms.

Two excellent exhibitions running at the moment:

Ebb and Flow of East Belfast, Etchings by Bronagh Lawson
After Easter: Photographs of Dublin by Thomas Johnson Westropp

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