Monday, April 25, 2016

Sleeping dog

He did stay still for a short while, enough for me to catch his essence, if a little fat and bulky.

Maybe it would look better if I cropped it? But it's in a sketchbook, so I can't!

But with today's tools (well, Picasa is all you need really), I can pretend I did a perfect drawing. Maybe I'll cheat and use this for my fake journal? If I print it and glue it on the page? I'm pretty sure Odile won't mind? She's  busy on night patrol with Spike, tasering intruders anyway, the only part of her life she doesn't complain about, so she might not even notice?


  1. Don't let Odile near Timber!!!

    1. Too late Cathy! You see, Spike is another Malamute cross, who happens to look just like Timber and is as much of a softy. A bit like Odile. Both are very good on the night watch, but they'd much rather go for walks on the beach and paint all day (well, not Spike, but Odile anyway).
      IV, on the other hand is a clone descendant of Willow, who looks like him too, but his personality is not as placid. He's a bit grumpy actually. But a good rodent hunter, just like Willow.
      It's all getting very confusing. And full of plot holes.
      And I have no big finale for Saturday - last day of Fake Journal Month!