Monday, April 04, 2016

MHBD's Fake Journal - Day 4

Today's Fake Journal Entry

I forgot to do my colour swatches. I don't think they would have been as vibrant as the sketch itself anyway. I'm still sticking to my goal - PITT pen + gouache (no Pentel brush pen today). But this time, like the last two days, I applied an acrylic paint background before painting the scene. Today's background was red, and I'm amazed at how it enhanced the colours.

I think I will apply more acrylic backgrounds to the next few pages!

Today's entry is an extract from a poem, Raised Bog, by Cathy Leonard.

My centre is not bottomless as you supposed.
And soon I will no longer surprise you
with my treasure trove, my black butter,
my bog men, my great Irish elk-
Your history and mine.


  1. The painting works well with the piece!love these colours. C

    1. Thank you. The poem inspired me to explore the landscape some more!