Friday, April 22, 2016

MHBD's Fake Journal - Day 22

I wasn't happy with yesterday's dancer, so I had to have another go. This time I drew her first (and measured!), then painted her with diluted gouache, trying to achieve more of a watercolour effect. I think I'm not done with her yet. The original is a really heavy little statue that I got after my grand-aunt died. They had a lot of beautiful objects, but this was really the only one I wanted (I also got a beautiful painting that I love, a scene from my hometown - maybe the inspiration for another story?). Plus living in a different country that can't be reached by car unless you're prepared to take two ferries and drive across the UK doesn't make it easy to bring heirlooms over. And the house is full enough as it is. Or so I'm told!

Full text here

I did a few manipulations in Picasa, which are really inspiring me in terms of colours that I'd like to try!

Picasa heat map effect
Some other Picasa effect. I might try this effect in gouache!

And if you think I'm not compulsive obsessive, here is another attempt I made, now thankfully covered up with a Gelli print, but you can still see it through the paper is look up at the light!

I think you can understand why I covered it up without me saying anything more about it!

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