Thursday, April 07, 2016

MHBD's Fake Journal Day 7

It feels like this Fake Journal has taken over my life! Although it takes me no more than half an hour a day to paint and write it. And a few minutes to blog and spread to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest!But it occupies a lot of my mind. I feel I can't settle to anything until I have done it. Which means it gets done. Other things just have to wait. Finding a subject to draw/paint is the hardest bit. Maybe, like today, I should just go with something that picks up a colour from the background?
If you think you've seen this vase before, it's because you have. I used it for a Sketchbook Skool assignment. And I will paint it again, no doubt, now that I'm no longer scared of it.

Here are the colours of the day


  1. It's a fab jug.Do paint it again...

  2. I must show you the original the next time you're over!