Saturday, April 09, 2016

Bake-a-yarn: On Becoming Picasso

Bake-a-yarn: On Becoming Picasso: A SEMI-BIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNT OF MY PAINTING EFFORTS ON BECOMING PICASSO “And a can of hair spray,” I tell the girl wit...

This is from Cathy Leonard's blog - well worth a read! Particularly for all of you budding artists who have been discouraged by comments from family and classes aimed at (and run by) ladies who lunch!

It's taken me twenty years to gain confidence in my art, plus dozens of instruction/inspiration books, hundreds and hundreds of euros spent on art supplies, countless useless YouTube videos that make art look like magic, wonderful online art classes (Craftsy and Sketchbook Skool), following dozens of artists' blogs (my current favourites are Liz Steel, Roz Stendahl and Shari Blaukopf), and finally, one excellent art teacher and supportive art group.

Never give up. Never surrender. (Galaxy Quest)

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