Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mountains, Bogs, Clouds

I was really inspired by my time up in the mountains over Easter, although it was only just about half an hour. It was way too cold to stay up there any longer. But the luminosity and the landscape left a strong impression on me.
(If you're following my Fake Journal, you will have seen a few gouache sketches inspired by the same scene)

I did a watercolour sketch "en plein air", but my fingers were cold, the wind was flipping the pages (I had one clip only - memo to self: buy a couple of good bulldog clips), so it wasn't a great success. But I did a sketch with my Pentel brush pen that helped me zoom in on some aspects of the landscape that interested me.

A few days later, I worked on a small watercolour sketch (about 10x30cm) from my photographs of the day, which I will use as the foundation for a slightly larger watercolour. As you can see, I've decided to go for a wide panorama format, which I hope will convey the sense of space and infinity that I experienced up there.

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