Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Who's that man?

See what I mean? I'm not even sure I've captured a likeness here. Except around the eye. But the nose is completely wrong!

On the other hand, I'm getting to know my Pentel brush pen (it's literally a brush in a pen, with a cartridge and all).

And I had fun with the Montana acrylic markers I bought in BLICK in the US. Fabulous for background coverage. Although I think next time I'll use one colour for the whole background.

And I must tell you about BLICK - it's now officially my favourite store in the whole wide world. Name any art supply you've ever dreamt of, and they have it! Now of course, there were limits to how much I could fit in my suitcase and the Dollar exchange rate to the Euro is lousy at the moment. But I did get a few bits and pieces that I had heard of but never seen in the shops here. Like these big juicy Montana acrylics markers!

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