Thursday, January 28, 2016


The first assignment in Sketchbook Skool Seeing.  I really enjoyed this. We don't always have bread at home. I'm more of a porridge girl for breakfast. But porridge is really too ugly to draw!

One day we had bought bread for sandwiches, so I toasted the heel for my homework. Then I gave a few pieces of it to Timber. I wasn't going to eat cold toast.

This exercise was about seeing and drawing every detail. I should probably have picked a better time, as it is difficult to concentrate on drawing when the dog is thinking about his next walk, and can't understand why you're not getting the hints (toys brought over, pining, barking at the door, barking to come back in, looking at you with big sad eyes, yawning). But I quite like my slice of toast all the same. Maybe I should do more of this drawing food thing?

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