Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Rose - steps

Here are the steps towards my Rose painting - just in case you were thinking it all happened beautifully in one brushstroke!

After a careful drawing, I added shadows in pale ultramarine and the highlights in yellow. The yellow tape is masking tape, which I used to stop myself from painting to the edges, so that the framer has room for manoeuvre.

Trying out possible colour combinations. In the end, I chose Quinacridone Red (PR209) - the brighter, more peachy red - and Ruby Red (PV19) - the cooler, bluer red.

A first layer complete. And one petal with the second layer, using a combination of PR209, PV19 and PR179 (Deep Red).
Decided to have plenty of colour variations for the leaves and the stem - using cobalt blue, aureolin yellow and burnt sienna.

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