Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vegas drawings

While in Vegas, I carried my little sketchbook everywhere with me.

Some of the artists I follow draw their food, before eating it. But I kind of like my food hot, so I didn't do that much. I did take some photos of food, so I might get back to those at some point and sketch from those. Though I have to say the food doesn't look so appetising in photographs - it just looks ... cold.

Some artists are urban sketchers and they sit at the side of the street and draw everything around them. That's more where I see myself, but drawing in public is something that doesn't come easily to me. So, initially I found quiet spots or I drew from our hotel window - we stayed in three different hotels: New York New York (small room, great view), Jockey Club (we were on the wrong side and were facing a wall - big grey dark wall. But the apartment was nice and it was good value), Wynn's (fantastic room beautiful view, prices dropped straight after CES).

I did get braver as time went by and even took out my watercolours! You will see these in my next post.

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