Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Self Portrait

A bit of a stark sketch, but I do recognise myself. I used my new Pentel brush pen (in a Moleskine sketchbook I think, the one with the glossy paper that doesn't take watercolours very well. I think the paper absorbed a lot of the ink, giving it this grey appearance) and decided to focus on the shadows. The older you get, the more shadows there are - a valuable lesson in itself! Why did I not start drawing when I was younger? I didn't have those pesky lines above the lips then!

I've started the Sketchbook Skool Seeing class. I'm the only one currently taking that class, because I signed up for it a few months ago, but did another class in the meantime (Beginning). And they've closed enrolment for it now. I miss the chat with the other students, but at the same time I can concentrate on my own work rather than agonising about other artists being more talented than me!

The assignment this week is self-portraits - from looking at myself in the mirror (like this one), from a photograph, quick sketches without lifting the pen, and even one from imagination/memory (that will be fun). I've done plenty of selfies already. Not because I find my face particularly interesting, but because I'm an easy model - I'm always available when I need to be, I'm patient with myself, and I'm never upset with the result!

If any of you out there want to be a model for portraits, feel free to send me a photograph or donate an hour of your time. But I can't guarantee that the result will pretty! I don't expect to be inundated with offers!

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