Friday, September 24, 2010

Photographing Fairies

Another week gone by - in a flash. Scary how quickly time goes as you get older.

Last weekend, we watched another movie Brendan recorded - Photographing Fairies. It's a quirky movie - we thought it would be all peaches and cream and lovely. It's not. Several people die violent deaths in their pursuit of fairies, and the fairies themselves are not even pretty (one of them is an ugly fat man!). The photography (not of the fairies -of the movie) though is excellent - surreal light takes us through Charles Castle's journey, from getting married, losing his wife a day later, photographing the dead in World War I, and then discovering a convincing photograph of a fairy that shakes all his rational certainties.

There are 2 cute kids in the story, but they are not sickly cute in the American movie kind of way. They have their little world - it is strange and dangerous, but they seem oblivious to real life - and death - going on around them.

It's a good movie - and the ending is happy - if you're into life after death, that is.

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