Thursday, September 23, 2010

La tourneuse de pages

I'm not in the humour for work this afternoon - it doesn't happen too often, but right now, I feel I need a short break.

So let me tell you about a movie Brendan recorded for me a while back. It's a French movie - very low key, not much said, but plenty of atmosphere, looks and tension. La Tourneuse de pages is the story of a gifted little girl who fails her entrance exam to the conservatoire because she gets distracted by one of the jurors (who allows a fan to come in during the audition and signs an autograph). Ten years later, she is hired as an assistant PA in a lawyer's firm. A while later, the lawyer is looking for somebody to help watch over his son while his wife is rehearsing for a concert....That's as much as I'm going to tell you. Except that there is a hilarious (and painful) scene involving a cello.

I just love French movies - they don't go for the obvious endings like their American counterparts. It's all very subtle, but it stays with you well after the credits are over.

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