Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Day

We've had some lovely weather in the last couple of days (it certainly makes up for the rain last weekend and earlier this week). After a quick trip to town to buy supplies in Asia Market, we went for a walk in Bushy Park.

And, after shopping in Lidl and a bit of abstract painting, here I am. Day gone in a flash. I'm definitely getting old.

I've got a bit of tidy-up to do now, and then it will be time for dinner - Marks & Spencers noodles (special offers - 3 for €7) - I love M&S special offers - the salads are gorgeous - Crayfish and Quinoa, Edamame & greans beans are my current favourites. I also like the Quiche, olives and parma ham (3 for €7), and of course the meal deal for 2 specials - main course, veggie, dessert (have you ever tried the profiteroles? or the Belgian chocolate soufflé? No? You haven't lived!) and a bottle of wine for €12.50. Though, I think that there are not as many specials as during the summer. I guess we're getting into the eat-eat-eat season and they don't need to have specials to attract customers. On Friday, I had to resist the lure of the giant Belgian biscuit tins. And they already have mince pies on the shelves - way too early. No wonder the Irish nation is heading for obesity. But no Belgian chocolate truffles, yet, thankfully, as I'm not sure my self-control would resist that temptation.

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