Saturday, September 18, 2010

American Wife

If you're curious about George W. Bush's presidency and about his wife Laura, but you're not into biographies, Curtis Sittenfeld's American Wife may be for you. It's a fictional account broadly based on Laura Bush's life. It's not presenting W. in the best of lights - basically a sploit but likeable young man from a wealthy family, who was unhealthily obsessed, even at a young age, by his "legacy". Laura, on the other hand, the narrator of the story, comes across as a principled and sound individual, who falls in love with W.'s charm and lust for life. Where reality stops and fiction starts, I'm not 100% sure, but according to Wikipedia she was indeed involved in a car crash where she ran a Stop sign, causing the death of a friend in the other car. Whether or not her grand-mother was a lesbian and whether or not she had an abortion, god only knows, but it makes for an excellent story, with plenty of interesting characters. It's not light, but it reads easily, and there are a few steamy sex scenes too!!

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