Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nurse Jackie

Brendan has started recording Nurse Jackie on the telly. The episodes are short (barely half an hour), so it takes a few episodes to get into it. Jackie is played by the actress who was Tony's wife in The Sopranos. No glamour and fancy clothes in Nurse Jackie - she is working in a New York Hospital's emergency department, lives a double life, has sex with the hospital's pharmacist, and he gives her plenty of prescription pain killers and other drugs that help her get through the day (she never seems to get high on them though - strange that). She is married to a lovely man (who, annoyingly, keeps calling her "Babe"), with 2 young girls (one happy, one going through some sort of stress-related depression).

It's a slow burner, but I'm getting into it.

Definitely better than Flash Forward, which we've also started to watch recently. Everybody in the world has suffered a 3-minute blackout, and most people have a memory of events that happened 3 months later. Those who don't remember anything might have been asleep - or dead - in the future. It was described like the new Lost, but unfortunately, it's trying to uncover too many puzzles too quickly for my liking. The beauty of Lost is that you were none the wiser by the end of the first series (or even the 5th series). Here, all I see is cute kid, pretty mother who is also a dedicated doctor in a hospital, hard-working husband, who works for the FBI and is fighting an alcohol addiction - too many stereotypes for my liking. We'll watch a few more, just to be sure!

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