Sunday, January 24, 2010


It was a gorgeous sunny day today, and although I had planned to spend the day painting, I decided we should go for a walk to make the most of this nice weather. We didn't feel like going too far, so Airfield was the place of choice, despite the fact that we had been there yesterday already (it was much foggier and murkier, and definitely a lot muckier).

Not much happening in the fields - most animals are indoors.

There are 10 beautiful piglets in the little pen near the entrance. Yesterday, they were all in a row, quietly eating their feed and keeping each other warm (with the odd tussle to get in in the middle). Today, they were giddy and playful, running and skidding and play-fighting.

The cows are all looking pretty, even the big Belgian Blue with her big blue tongue. And the ewes are patiently waiting for the lambing season.

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