Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Might Get Loud

I spotted something about a movie/documentary called "It Might Get Loud" in Google News on Friday evening. I had never heard of it, but the 3-line summary said something about The Edge, Jack White and Jimmy Page talking and playing guitar. I thought Brendan might like it, so we braved the elements (there was a heavy snow shower on Saturday morning) and headed into town on the Luas (all running with no problem - but the stairs and platforms were in poor shape - you'd think they'd get someone to clear all their platforms, wouldn't you - but this is Ireland - people are afraid to clear their footpaths for fear of being sued if someone slips - it doesn't make sense to me - everywhere else in the world, you get sued if you don't clear the footpath and someone slips!).

After lunch in Wagamama's (we had coupons for free drink and free side dish!), we headed to the IFI, where our movie was showing at 2:30. The cinema was full of men, with a few brave partners like myself. I didn't know who Jack White is (he is the guy from The White Stripes) and I don't particularly like Led Zeppelin, but I enjoyed the movie, an exploration of how three generations of influential guitar musicians got to where they are today. I still don't like Led Zeppelin, but I have new respect for Jack White, after seeing his fingers bleed all over his guitar at one concert! And of course The Edge comes across like a genuine guy - he drives his own car (OK, it's a big mercedes, but still!). Probably essential viewing for anyone who's into guitar. And quite enjoyable even if you're not.

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