Friday, January 01, 2010

MHBD's Nose

My nose gave me great trouble today. Very hard to draw, a nose - it's all shading and no lines. It wouldn't be so bad if mine was straight and cute, or even just symmetrical. I spent a lot of time this afternoon with my left brain telling me I can't draw. Quite frustrating. I had a soothing bath with a Lush bath bomb, and then I had another go at my nose (the drawing of, not literally). It's still not quite right (Brendan thinks my nose is not that wide - Me, I don't know), but that's the best I'm gonna get today - despite the fact that the glasses are sitting too far to the right (it's not that crooked!). Maybe I should draw my nose every day. Eventually, I'll get it right. I'd rather draw my feet, though - much prettier.

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