Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quick Hello from MHBD @ PC Medic

I'm taking a quick break from my busy day at PC Medic! My Mum flew back home yesterday - all went smoothly - Ryanair flights on time, and no hold-ups at Dublin airport.
It's been a busy few days, but I've enjoyed having her over. She's very easy-going - when I was busy with work, she'd just walk down to Dundrum Town Center (warning - this link to will start playing music after about 10 seconds!) and potter around the shops on her own.

On Saturday, we had lunch in Bistro One in Foxrock. I had tomato and cumin soup, fish Thai red curry, and sticky toffee pudding. I don't think I ever had sticky toffee pudding before. I always thought it would be hard caramel and messy to eat. I was wrong. It was a gorgeous pudding with a soft caramel sauce (and vanilla ice cream), and it was to die for! Brendan enjoyed his mushroom risotto, fish red curry and almond tart with custard. And Mum had a melon starter, Chinese chicken and fried rice, and the almond tart. We all enjoyed our food and the relaxed atmosphere.

I've discovered a few new things which I'll share with you in future posts
  • an online keyboard to enter accented characters without the need to remember the ASCII codes or if you have a laptop and it's just not practical to turn NumLock on and off each time you want to type in an accented character. I'm pretty quick at typing ALT-130 and ALT-138 for the accented Es in my name, but on the laptop, it's just not practical.
  • Google Talk if you want to talk to your friends for free. And you can even leave a voicemail! Véronique left me a voicemail last week and that's how I discovered it. So, she gets the credit for this discovery!
  • Live Search from Microsoft - if you search for mhbd, this blog comes up first! Needless to say, I'm thrilled. I love Google to bits, but the same search brings me 11th in Google (although you'll also find a link to this blog from Yves's blog at Number 6)

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