Monday, February 26, 2024

San Francisco - Day 2. Sketching with friends

This is a day I want to hold in my heart for the rest of my life. Catching up with friends from half-way across the world, including a friend I had never met in person before. 

Uma had arranged to pick me up at my hotel - now this is the morning after the opening of her exhibition. I don't know where she found the energy, but she did. She had arranged to meet up with Suhita and Nina in this residential neighbourhood at the very top of a hill, with a road that I recognised from a painting she did as a demo for an online class. And then to the side, these amazing steps looking down towards the Pacific ocean. I think the area is called Sunset. Suhita and Nina only had an hour to spare - all three of them have busy lives, with lots of work and family, and they had to drive from San José to meet me. So that's an hour each way. I felt so privileged that they made the time.

I know Uma well, from online courses and lots of back and forth chats via social media. I have met her a few times in real life and I am the lucky owner of 6 of her paintings. I have also met Suhita before, at Urban Sketchers Symposiums and online classes. And this was my first time meeting Nina in person. But we knew each other through Instagram, and of course Ukraine. 

It was like we lived next door to each other, and picked up a conversation we had started the previous day. We talked about family, the world, sketching tools, the quality of light, sketching in a location that is special to someone, and seeing it through their eyes. It was the most wonderful feeling. Three friends from across the world, connecting instantly. All while sketching of course. And yes we had a throwdown at the end.

Then Uma drove me across the Golden Gate Bridge and we sketched some more. I took liberties with scale and the distance between the bridge and the city!!

Here are the three sketches I did on that wonderful day:

This last one was done at Super Duper Burger off Lombard Street somewhere. The vegan burger was sooo good! And yes, we kept on sketching and talking!

Photos from Suhita and Nina from their Instagram feeds:

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Winsor & Newton watercolours

Bought a few random colours online over the Christmas. Just got a chance to test them now. Some are a bit meh, but others are quite interesting. The indigo is good. An interesting mix.