Monday, October 16, 2017

The calm before the ex-hurricane!

11:20 in Dublin - wind is starting to pick up, but Ophelia hasn't arrived yet.
We walked our dog earlier, let the cat out for a little rummage. But now we're all indoors. Everything we can think of has been secured, bins, garden table, pots, ...
And we're waiting.
Last night, it looked like the East coast of Ireland would also be hit, but now the forecast is not as bad here, compared to the West, where there are already thousands of houses without electricity and trees are blocking roads in Cork and Kerry.
Schools are closed around the country, public transport is coming to a halt, all day procedures and appointments in hospitals have been cancelled.
The worst is supposed to hit us around 1pm.
So what do I do? I sketch of course!
Here is the view from outside our window at about 11 - parents, children, dog owners and their doggies making the most of the morning before everyone is brought indoors.
(Screen grab from

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