Saturday, October 21, 2017

Notre Dame

Busy these days, so not as much time to give to my #SketchingNowBuildings course. Still, I hope to keep it ticking away in the background, practising any time I get a chance. We're getting into something quite tough for me, working structurally, and measuring of course! I knew I couldn't avoid it for much longer!

Here is my effort for the first indoor exercise, from a photo of Notre Dame in Paris. That was a great exercise, as that cathedral is seriously scary, but with good advice from Liz Steel, I felt able to tackle it! It'll be a completely different matter when I try a real face-to-face building of course!

The exercise involved doing a quick sketch, in one minute, drawing the overall shape, dividing the floors, aligning the windows and doors. That was fun! Then in the second sketch, I had to follow the seven steps - but of course what I struggle with is how to figure out the general shape and proportions, step 1 and 2!

My conclusion is that I need more practise!
I went back over the second sketch with a grey PITT marker to accentuate the darks. Much more convincing, isn't it?

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