Sunday, October 29, 2017

Iveagh Gardens

I am a busy bee, aren't I? Even when I'm hitting a wall, I keep on working. I may not always be happy with the results, but when I look back, I feel it's certainly better than doing nothing!

Last Sunday at Dublin Sketchers, we went to the Iveagh Gardens. I love it that we're getting towards the end of October and we're still working outdoors. It did feel cold after an hour, though. The Iveagh Gardens is definitely one of Dublin's hidden gems. It's so close to the city centre, yet, its entrance is kind of hidden. It was busy with families, young children, dogs. My memory of it was of a really really quiet place with nothing much happening - but that's over 20 years ago and during the week. I used to go there at lunchtime when I worked at the top of Harcourt Street and I wanted to escape my colleagues. I'd say I needed to go to the bank, and I'd go and sit there for 10-15 minutes. I just wasn't that interested in chit-chat. One day, I got caught out as they came in to the park themselves. I don't think my two fellow project managers ever trusted me after that!! Ah well!

Capturing views of the gardens is particularly important at present, as its future is at risk. There is a plan to build a science museum on part of its grounds, which would be a shame, as it would definitely lose its peaceful atmosphere. There is a link to a petition against this plan in the link above, so sign it if you want to be able to enjoy this oasis in the future.

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