Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Fame at last

I'm all over the place at the moment. A busy week. Struggling with finding "my style" in watercolour. Trying to paint bigger, freer and more abstract. While aiming for a more structured approach to my urban sketching (and I'm not even sure about that!)! Biting more than I can chew maybe?

So it was a great boost to my confidence when one of my paintings was this week's winner of "The Nation Paints", a mini-competition on RTE to tie in with Painting the Nation! Basically, you can submit an Irish landscape painting of your own, and one will be picked for every Sunday in October to appear during the weather forecast after the Six One News! At the end of the month, a final winner will be selected, to win a voucher for €250 in art supplies. That would be nice!! But I'm just so thrilled that my painting was selected at all! Even though they had to squash it to fit it on the screen - I had emailed a portrait format, not having read the guidelines until after sending my submission. When I realised my mistake, I actually had put it out of my mind, as I didn't think I stood a chance. Maybe I should break the rules more often!!

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