Sunday, May 14, 2017

Winter sky, Redesdale Road

Back to my own painting style! Brighter colours is probably the best way to summarise it. But I have learned a lot from exploring the style of other artists.
This one is based on a photo my husband took in late December while walking the dog towards Deer Park, on Redesdale Road actually. I was suffering from a bad cold and stayed in bed/on the sofa for most of the day, but he did send me a few pics from the walkies. The sunrise that day was particularly stunning. I took a few liberties when painting - I removed a light hedge of medium-sized trees that are in front of the house and I did a mirror-effect on the tree at the bottom right - it looked better for the composition. But if you live on that road, it's actually quite an easy house to spot! If you know the owner of the house, show them the painting. I hope they like it!

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