Thursday, May 25, 2017

Docklands - "When I makes tea I makes tea" and "Mr Bloom walked soberly"

It was a frustrating afternoon - the sketching area was huge, and it turned out to be cooler than I had expected. I even had to wear my wooly hat. In mid-May!! So I couldn't really settle. I sat outside a café for a while and sketched my pot of tea - proportions are way out of kilter. But it did warm me up and gave me the energy to go exploring further.

I found an empty building with a nice covered area at the front, overlooking the Liffey, not far from the Samuel Beckett bridge, or the Calatrava bridge, as some people I know call it. Although it has to be noted that Calatrava has actually designed two bridges in Dublin, the Samuel Beckett Bridge and the James Joyce Bridge!

At that point, I had only about half an hour to sketch, so I set to work, without thinking too much, and definitely without planning. My starting point was the second lamppost - it provided a good measuring scale - everything I drew was in relation to it. I didn't have time for precise measuring, nor for a pencil framework. I should have put my gloves on. It would have kept me warm for longer, but it's mid-May (and thankfully, the weather has changed in the last few days - I wonder was Joyce obsessed about the weather, like most Irish people?) So, it was straight to pen (my trusted Lamy Safari, with De Atramentis waterproof ink). And then quick dabs of watercolour.
I added the quote when I got back to the CHQ building.

Quote from Lotus Eaters chapter - I was looking North West, whereas Bloom was walking East.

(PS: to get the notes in the Joyce Project, hover your cursor until the arrow changes to a hand, then click and the note will appear in a new window - it took me a while to figure that out, so I thought I'd save you the trouble!!)

And yes, I know, I'm doing this the wrong way round, picking a location, then finding a quote to match. But since most of Dublin seems to be in Ulysses, it works for me!

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