Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Kilmacud Art Group Exhibition

Update: a good bit of early interest! I love red dots!

The year has gone so fast. Time for the 2017 Kilmacud Art Group Exhibition. The exhibition is opening on the 26th of May in the evening (let me know if you want an invitation) and the show will be on view all day Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th of May at the St Laurence's parish centre, between the Mill House and St Laurence's church on the Lower Kilmacud in Stillorgan.

Here are the paintings I will be showing this year (all watercolours). I would have liked to show a few more, but it's not the Marie-Hélène Art Exhibition after all, so I had to choose 8 paintings. I am quite prolific!! I will try to get pictures of some of the other artists' work to post here over the next week or so.

Entry is free. And there is absolutely no obligation of purchase! But if you are interested in buying, let me know!

Mountain - Glenveagh National Park 

Sky - Killiney

Rain on the Horizon - Inis Oírr (sold)

Beach - Derrynane

Sky and Mountain - Gap of Dunloe (sold)

Sunset - Gap of Dunloe

Big poppies - Airfield

Small poppies - Airfield

And here are a couple that won't be in the show - they might be added on the Sunday if a lot of paintings are sold. Otherwise, I will have to find another venue for them:
Water - Venice

Water - Baros

And I won't be showing my monoprints, which is a shame, as they are really beautiful - I would like more people to see them:

Boulders (sold)

Hope 3


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