Thursday, May 11, 2017

Natural History Museum

Catching up Catching up. Here are my sketches from a very enjoyable Dublin Sketchers outing on a rainy day.
1st sketch - I was early and it had started to rain, so I waited in the car and drew what was there!

I found a good spot in the Natural History Museum, slightly out of the way, but with a good view of the Sable Antelope. I went straight to ink, so there are a few mistakes, but hey, it doesn't matter. It still looks like an antelope to me! Most of the children that I showed my drawing to thought it was brilliant! I should probably have added a background to anchor the sketch, but at that stage, I was getting tired and I needed to stretch my legs.

I still had a bit of time after sketching the antelope, so I went downstairs and did a bit of work on the elk. I need to add dark shadow to the right-hand antlers to make them stand out better. But I'm quite satisfied with how the vertebrae worked out. I wasn't too close and there was a lot of people about.

There were quite a few sketchers out that day and the table that had been booked in McGrattan's was pretty packed! A lovely afternoon.

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