Sunday, October 25, 2015

TV Series

I am watching a lot more television than I would like to admit! And I've probably forgotten a few. Here is a digest of what I've watched over the last few month. Or this year even:

Bloodline: Set in the idyllic Florida Keys, a dark family drama. I didn't like the first episode at all. But then I watched the second episode and I found it more interesting, despite some elements being too predictable.

The Good Wife: Always a favourite of mine. I am a few seasons behind, as I am watching it on Netflix. It used to be my Saturday afternoon indulgence. I will just have to wait for the next season to appear.

Indian Summers: I'm not sure we've actually finished watching this. The British in India, just before it all fell apart. Very staged. But some good storylines.

The Legacy: A Danish family drama about a young woman who finds out who her real mother is, just before the said mother dies. She is fascinated by her (completely dysfunctional) siblings and she desperately wants to fit in (why oh why?). But where there is a will, .... It was an interesting drama, until they ruined it at the end, by keeping it open-ended for a second season.

Wayward Pines: An idyllic little town in the middle of nowhere. But don't ask too many questions. And don't try to escape. What's out there is too scary to mention. Some of the main characters were one-dimensional, unfortunately, but it was still a good story

No Offence: A cop drama/comedy. Well, it started very funny, but then it veered more towards the drama. Good story, good twist, good actors

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: of course I watched it first time around, when you had to wait a week until the next episode. Our cat is named after one of the characters after all! And he is 15! But it's still so good, twelve years after the final season ended.

Homeland: Homeland has started again. And it's as good as ever.

Les témoins: How can I take Thierry Lhermitte seriously in this very very serious cop drama? Too heavy for my liking

Sense8: When 8 people around the world become mentally and emotionally connected, their lives will change forever. I love this new science fiction drama on Netflix. It's fast-paced, in that there is plenty happening in each episode. But at the same, it takes its time in telling the story. Love it.

Narcos: This is described as magical realism. It's not. It's a straight story about a DEA agent in the war against Escobar in Medellin. Very good.

Utopia 2: Just as good as the first season - where the world is a dangerous place, if you happen to have any connection to the Janus project. Very British. Sense of Humour. Lots of violent deaths.

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