Friday, October 16, 2015

The Key

My homework for Sketchbook Skool is to draw my pets while they're asleep. And also to sketch a two-page action spread.

I'm not quite ready for those yet. So I decided to sketch from a picture on the Internet. It's not a perfect likeness, although I think I captured some of the teenage mix of arrogance and awkward age. 

And I'll be able to use this in other projects too - maybe print it larger, then add it to a journal page. 

Which I must get back to by the way. I haven't gone near the Documented Life Project in months - since the start of the year, I was struggling to recapture the enthusiasm I had for it last year. I find it very samey, not enough of a challenge for me, maybe? And perhaps I'll get back to it when I'm finished with my current portrait sketch obsession!

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