Thursday, October 15, 2015

National History Museum

This Saturday morning, I went to the National History Museum, or the "Dead Zoo" as we call it here (just Google "the dead zoo Dublin" if you don't believe me!). It was lovely and quiet, apart from a few parents and toddlers. The staff gave me a sketching stool, which was so kind of them. And one of the staff asked me if I was an artist and he wanted to see the result of my efforts before I left! He politely did not comment on my first two sketches, but he did say that the final watercolour was good. Phew! The stress of drawing in public, when every Joe Soap is an art critic! I was vaguely conscious of some people standing beside me as I was drawing, but I was so absorbed in my work that I was able to ignore them!

Initial sketches

The final product (with a quote from a toddler walking by).

Plenty more birds, fishes, mammals and insects to sketch there. I think I might try to draw the kingfisher next time! Or the moose!

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