Monday, February 02, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 53

Week 53? That didn't help. How will I ever catch up if they start putting 53 weeks in a year??

This challenge was tough, I thought - draw or collage something that starts with the first letter of your first name. Well, I have two first letters. And I couldn't figure out anything that I could draw starting with these two letters. So I decided to use a card that I found in one of my old stashes, although it has nothing to do with M & H. And I built collage elements around the beautiful beautiful colours on that card. And the words I chose are "Miracles Happen". And to keep it simple, I just printed them and glued the printout onto my page. (The font I used in Word is called Belgium, so I was pleased with that!!) And I continued tearing pages from my sacrificed book. And glued on some underpaper and origami paper. The background was bubble wrap paint from a Gelli print. I wouldn't quite call it a miracle, but I'm pleased with my last challenge of 2014. I hope the 2015 challenges are as interesting. The first few I have seen seem to be more of the same, but they have guest artists lined up so I look forward to seeing how they interpret the challenges.

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