Sunday, February 15, 2015

Documented Life Project 2015 - Week 4

The art challenge for Week 4 is Writing, and the journal prompt is Words with Friends.

My handwriting is really bad, so I decided to work around this challenge rather than take it literally. I picked a special email from a friend of mine and glued fragments of it onto the page. I chose a page with an ugly background, as I had decided I was going to cover most of it! I can't bear to cover a nice background, although I'm going to have to face that challenge soon!

I added a layer of gesso and Neocolor II to cover most of the text of the email. I added flowers, stamps, doodles, cut circles (from a messy Gelli print). And I splattered golden acrylic paint over it all.

And then I did add some handwriting, as this is something I really need to explore and develop. I pencilled it in, having used a ruler to make sure my lines are straight and even. I then used a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen to fill in the letters. A bit chunky, but I'm committed to the journey! The words are from The Little Book of Calm. I probably won't find quotes that work for every journal prompt, but I'm determined to avoid the usual journaling platitudes (Peace, Love, Art,...)!

My ugly backgrounds:

Stamped flowers:

Cut circles from Gelli prints

A little doodle on a post-it that got incorporated. Originally, I was going to use my Roses watercolour as a tip-in, but then I changed my mind, but this quick drawing was already gessoed in, so it's staying there.

And here are the two facing pages. Not very structured, but apparently, that's the style!

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